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The Sobey School of Business Commerce Society is a student run society at Saint Mary’s University whose goal is to provide students with networking opportunities, as well as business and university resources, while helping to inspire peer to peer engagement. Our executive team is comprised of volunteer undergraduate students pursuing a degree at Saint Mary's University.

Hannah Birru

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Hannah was born in Ethiopia but grew up in mostly England and Canada. She is a fourth-year Bachelor of Commerce Student, with a double major in Economics and Finance. As the co-president of the Commerce Society, Hannah is excited to grow in her role and connect with fellow peers. In her free time, Hannah enjoys hiking or swimming, or Netflix marathons on rainy days.

Queen-Esther is a fourth-year student double majoring in Finance and Marketing and is the co-president this year. She is looking forward to stepping up as a student leader, and helping other students do the same. Her main goal is to make the Commerce Society a safe group that offers all-round development to students. You will probably find her with a camera somewhere or volunteering with other groups on campus so feel free to say hi! 

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Queen-Esther Okundonor
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Jay Blake
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Vice-President (Internal)

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Jay is a third-year commerce student double majoring in Economics and Management. He was born and raised in North West River, Labrador. As the Vice President of Internal, Jay is looking forward to improving his leadership ability, and overall skills. His central goal is to deliver quality events with his team in the hopes of inspiring students to strive for greatness, as the commerce society has done for him in the past. Jay can usually be found either in the society office, walking around campus, or exploring Halifax. He is always eager to help students in any way he can! 

Adrianna is a third year Economics major. As Vice-President External, Adrianna is focused on creating and leveraging relationships within Saint Mary’s University Network and beyond to promote opportunities and events for Commerce Society members. Adrianna is also a TA for Intro to Business Management, President of the Sustainable Business Society and volunteers weekly as a Scheduling Coordinator with the non-profit organization Shelter Movers Nova Scotia. She is excited to work with industry members and students to create mutually beneficial relationships. 

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Adrianna Timmons
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Vice President (External)

Tia Chew
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Internal Engagement Officer

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Tia is a Bachelor of Commerce Student from Taiwan pursuing a double major in Finance and Management. This is her final year at Saint Mary's University, and she is excited to be active in the Commerce Society as the Internal Engagement Officer for the 2023-2024 academic year. Tia intends to seek out valuable opportunities for members of the Commerce society. She is excited to develop her networking skills with the community as an executive member this year and hopes to create sustainable change in the future. 

Apoorva is a third-year international student from India pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a double major in Accounting and Finance. In her role as an Event Coordinator for the 2023-2024 academic year, she leverages her strong organizational skills, meticulous attention to detail, and proficiency in adapting to diverse challenges, establishing her as a dependable and innovative force in event planning. Her unwavering commitment is to enhance the university experience for her peers and cultivate a vibrant, inclusive community through exceptional event coordination. Apoorva is frequently visible on campus, actively volunteering with SMU SAGA and SMU WUSC society, demonstrating her dedication to student engagement and community enrichment. 

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Apoorva Dadwal
Event Coordinator
Ceren Bal
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Social Media Director
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Ceren is a fourth-year Bachelor of Commerce student from Turkey pursuing a degree in Marketing. As the Social Media Coordinator of the Commerce Society, Ceren is excited to explore her growth in the role and make meaningful connections with fellow peers. In her free time, Ceren enjoys playing piano, going for walks, and watching tennis tournaments. 

Ethan is a fourth-year Bachelor of Commerce Student from Quispamsis, New Brunswick double majoring in Finance and Marketing. As the communications director, he is looking forward to furthering his skills in marketing, along with helping to host engaging events for society members. At SMU, Ethan is also involved with the SMU Rowing team and Enactus, and in his free time, he enjoys hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and just being outdoors. 

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Ethan Stafford
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Communications Director
Sorav Sogy
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External Engagements Officer
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Sorav Sogy is a 4th Year international student from Punjab, India. Pursuing a degree in finance and entrepreneurship at Sobeys School of Business. Sorav shines as a genuine rarity, proudly recognized by his unique last name, SOGY. As the External Engagements Officer, Sogy focuses on nurturing and strengthening relationships with Potential Sponsors and External Stakeholders. He grooves to Punjabi beats and enjoys penning down his thoughts occasionally. A true wanderer, Sorav is always on the move, exploring new places with his music blaring, cruising in style. When the weekend hits, you better believe he's the life of the party! 

Elijah (Eli) Walsh is a third-year student at Saint Mary’s, on track for a triple major in Accounting, Finance, and Computing/Info Systems.  Owning and operating his own landscaping business, Eli hopes to bring his broad internal control experience and passion for organizational growth to the society this year.  In his free time, Eli enjoys listening to music, hanging out with friends, and going on waterfall photography expeditions across the province. 

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Elijah Walsh
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Financial Director
Audrie Yue Min Au
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IT Director

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Audrie is a fourth-year commerce student hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She's pursuing a major in Computing and Information Systems and a minor in Entrepreneurship. As the IT Director, Audrie is dedicated to supporting the Commerce Society’s operations and empowering students to achieve their personal and career development objectives. Beyond academics, she is passionate about environmental sustainability and queer rights. Her personal hobbies include playing the guitar, rock climbing and eating pizza. Feel free to say hi or ask any questions if you see her roaming the halls! 

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